Winter News February.. Days are getting longer…still sunny!

Good morning Fellow Motorhomers,

Its still officially Winter in the Algarve, but if you come from the Northern countries of Europe, you may think its Spring already.

Sunset in southern Portugal is roughly 18:00 (6pm) which gives us at least 1.5 hours more  sunshine than the typical London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Berlin or  Paris’s day.

Today is sunny, but a bit chilly at 13°C… however with the sun streaming in through the front motorhomes windows.. its doesn’t take long for the internal van temperature to rise to 20°…. and that for me is summer time!!

So if you’re heading south to Portugal for some sun, then please remember your days will be longer- basking in sunshine from 7:30am to 18:00..

It may not be warm enough to swim in the sea yet, unless you have a wetsuit … but its warm enough to do pretty much anything else…. aka.. .wearing summer dressers and t-shirts & shorts during the day.

So are you up for walking on the white golden beaches of the Algarve, wearing nothing but flip-flops and shorts & t-shirts in February???

If so, please pop in and say hello and we’ll give you a great big welcome and pour you a nice cold beer on your arrival.

Hear from you soon,

Anthea & Gerard



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