What does ‘Aire’ mean?

Terminology Explained:

There can be a difference between Terminologies relating to Caravanning and Motorhoming throughout the world, so we thought we would explain some of ours, because although we are English Speakers, we are on Portuguese soil on the European Continent, with many different Nationalities staying on our site.

Aire = “ The English translation of ‘Aire’ is ‘Area”. It relates to an area whereby a Motorhome, Camping Car, RV or AutoCaravanner can park. It does not mean overnight parking is automatically assured or allowed. There is no minimum standard of an Aire’s facilities, however most Aires may have a ‘Service Point’ for grey water dumping, black water (WC cassette) dumping, and or Fresh Drinking Water. There may or may not be a fee associated with using the Service Point, and if Payment is required, it could take either Coins or Tokens.

‘Aire’ does not mean ‘free of charge’ or that a ‘fee is charged’.

Aires = only relates to Motorhomes/Camping Cars/AutoCaravanners/RV or any other name that refers to a self-contained leisure vehicle whereby the users can cook, eat and sleep within the confines of their touring vehicle. Hence a Caravan and tent cannot park and stay overnight in an Aire.

The law throughout Europe that enables Aires to exist, does not permit ‘Camping activities’; such as winding out Awnings, or putting out tables and chairs. Some Aires, even classify putting out the Electric or manual ‘Steps’ as “camping”. Some Aires will provide Electricity hook ups while others do not.

However many commercial or privately owned Aires allow some of the ‘camping’ activities on their site. Please check the Rules at Commercial Aires and Privately Owned Aires, when you arrive, as there is NO STANDARD as to what is offered or permitted.

We offer our guests a privately owned site that permits ‘some camping activities’ although we are an Aire, but we do not offer the full range of Campsite Facilities.

The distinction is important to understand so as not to build up expectations based on your home country’s examples, and potentially be disappointed when those expectations are not met.

Size of Motorhome catered for on an Aire:     The typical space given for a Motorhome to ‘park’ is less than 7.5 meters long.

Typically American RV’s are longer than 7.5M and hence need to look for a ‘Coach Symbol’ to stay in the area of the Aire. Not all Aires cater for vehicles longer than 7.5M.

We offer several pitches longer than 7.5M and can accommodate TWO Motorhomes/RV’s  in large pitches up to 10M each… providing enough room for the typical Slide-outs on the sides of the RV.

What we offer at our Aire:

Boutique Motorhome, Camper-van and Caravan site

Motorhome, Caravan hard standing, flat pitches

Dogs on leash

Cats on leash (or within confines on your motorhome)

Electric Hook Ups – 3Pin plug

Drive-over Grey water dumping

WC Cassette dumping

Fresh Drinking Water (Coin operated)

Individual and numbered pitches

Pre-allocated pitches based on length of motorhome/caravan

Awnings and or Safari Tents can be erected

Chairs & Sun-loungers permitted to stay erect outside overnight

Fully Fenced

Good security (Keypad) access for pedestrians after hours


Onsite Owners

24hours Car, Motorbike or Scooter Access via Remote

One single Hot/Cold Shower (Coin operated, not 24 hr access)

Cafe & Bar showing UK TV, Movies and Sky Sports

Wifi throughout the site (fee and free based)

Low cost secure individual pitches

BBQ’s allowed on each pitch

Separate car parking spaces – secure

Separate Motorbike and  Scooter parking spaces – secure

Visitor Facilitates (non-overnight, fee)

Shaded external communal area

We offer each Motorhomer or Caravanner Autonomy and Self-Determination

Transport to local services or facilities (5km radius, fee)

Longer stays than 72 hours

Responsible Water Usage

Responsible Electrical Usage

Lending Book Library

DVD Lending Library

Communal Events

Family Run, Friendly, Adult Environment with attentive and caring Hosts.

Please note: If you do not find what you are looking for on the list, then we do not provide it; such as a Toilet Block, Shower Block or Camp kitchen.

We ask if you are looking for more services/facilities that we do not provide, then we recommend for you to look at the Campsites of the Algarve, as they provide the full campsite facilities in their prices.