Vilamoura & Quarteira Beach and Surf Report link


“The Algarve has been every foreigner’s favourite slice of Portugal for decades now and surfers are no exception. It might lack some of the wave quality of Peniche and Ericeira but the laid back country vibe more than makes up for that, attracting ever increasing numbers of foreign surfers escaping from the icy winters of northern Europe. Being on the corner of the Iberian Peninsula means the Algarve has the widest swell window in the country and regular offshores on the south coast. SE wind swells can get these usually flat beaches pumping, while big winter nor’westers will wrap into the coves beyond Sagres.

The Algarve is a year round destination but autumn through to spring is really the peak period because the summer can be stinking hot and with long flat spells. Winter can still be warm enough for t-shirts and the water is the warmest in Portugal.”


Lots of changes in the last week

Our site is now
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You can now enter all your confidential info without fear. This is silly actually as our site was perfectly safe before but some people will always find fault…

We have a new look and feel to our site with funnies, more info and new functionality. You will only know what if you come look…

Bookings are rolling in for the festive season and November to March is looking good. Book early if you want to come visit.

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Amendment to our pet rules.

 Your pets are welcome!
So that everyone on our Aire can enjoy their holidays as much as possible our basic rule is that dogs are not left unattended if you leave the Aire as they may get nervous and become a nuisance. This however is our guideline and we invite you to discuss your pets with us and come to an agreement about your stay.  Please do not be dissuaded from staying with us based on this without contacting us first. We have to consider our other guests, so while your pets are welcome in the camping area, they will not be allowed inside the communal area buildings as they are pet free locations but these restrictions don’t apply to guide dogs.

Grand Opening Monthly Winter Special 2017-18

As a Grand Opening Special we are offering Monthly Winter Stays to our Guests.

Book in Advance a minimum Monthly Stay on a standard pitch and receive FREE Wifi for the month and a Voucher Booklet containing at least 52 ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price‘ Vouchers to be used at our Bar/Cafe, on Sports Days, F1 Race Weekends, Movie Nights and Beach/Supermarket trips. This is on top as the usual FREE Electricity  usage (4KW per day) and FREE dumping of Grey and Black Water/WC Cassettes.

If you’re looking for a Winter Stay in the Sun, then you’ll find the Vouchers ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Half price’ packed with great Savings, all rolled in with ‘convenience’ as well. After all, when most of the shops, pubs and cafes have closed for the winter, we’ll still be Open … Offering you (our Guests) good quality food and drinks, great atmosphere and great activities !

One of the many Golf Courses offering great play in the winter sun

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Formula 1 Silver Stone 2017

Its Practice 3 this morning and so far there’s been wind, cold and now rain…. The drivers faired well in all the conditions, with some fantastic spin outs heading into the main straight.

Check out Channel 4’s Live coverage today for Qualifier and keep one eye out on the weather.

If you like your Formula 1, then why not pop in and visit us for the weekend.. We show every Practice, Qualifier and Sunday Race LIVE..

On 3 TV’s… x1 large 55′ tv, x1 Formula 1 App Map, x1 Formula1 Tyres & Statics

Pop in to our cafe and have a beer or two in air-conditioning comfort….

Bring your Flags, wear your shirts ….

and have a great time with us