F1 Grand Prix Fan Zone 2019

Welcome to the F1 Fan Zone!

The essential pit stop for any motorsport fan visiting Vilamoura Rustic for an F1 event.

Three TV screens show all available footage during the event and Practice /  Qualifier & Race shows the action as well as a the Live F1 app on two screens with digital track positions and tyre / lap statistics.
Between events, the F1 Fan-Zone gives you a chance to spend time with other F1 enthusiasts and compete in X-Box F1 simulated competitions. Partake in the many fun activities such as F1 pub quiz and watch films/documentaries about motorsport legends.

The F1 Fan Zone has been known to break out in live entertainment when our clients feel they need to display their Karaoke talent or Guitar Hero prowess.

The Pit-Stop pub is open during all Fan-Zone activities.

To participate in our FAN ZONE, simply BOOK YOUR PITCH NOW!