Christmas in JULY 2018!

Vilamoura Rustic Christmas in July – The biggest days of the year!

Santa on Holidays at Vilamoura Rusitc

We deck out the entire site and decorate as if it were Christmas! Holiday Drinks and Christmas cheer is served up at  the OutBack Pub  & Bushveld Garden.

This Christmas themed Dinner & BBQ is one of many events on the ‘Summer Calendar 2018’  at Vilamoura Rustic. So don’t delay, book your Pitch and Seats at our annual Event.

Dates: Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th July 2018

Wednesday 25th July – “Christmas in July Roast Dinner”

Thursday 26th July – “Boxing Day BBQ in July”


Christmas Roast Dinner = €20.00 ( includes Glass of Wine/Beer on Arrival)

Boxing Day BBQ = €20.00 ( includes Glass of Wine/Beer on Arrival)


Christmas in July =  Main, Dessert and Drink
Roast Turkey/Roast Beef, Roast Potatoes,  Veg and Gravy +  Plum Pudding and Brandy Custard + Glass of Wine/Beer/Soft Drink on Arrival.

Boxing Day BBQ in July = BBQ & Salads, Dessert and Drink
BBQ Meats (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish,  etc*) + Salads + Dessert + Glass of Wine/Beer/Soft Drink on Arrival.

*** Vegetarian & Vegan options are available but must be pre-ordered.
*Seasonal Dependent

‘Kris Kringle’ Present participation = €5.00… Santa will be coming and handing out all the presents to the good little boys and girls!

A visit by Santa


NB: Minimum numbers needed otherwise events will be cancelled

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