Bit of a spruce-up for our Café

Bit of a spruce-up for our Café creating a more comfortable feel while freeing up space between tables. We spent many hours dining, drinking and watching films in this new layout and it got the stamp of approval…

We also added a shelf full of small blankets and cushions for movie-nights and the new tables makes for a great cinema setup. New bar stools gives a bit more seating at the counter and added to that, the outside area now also has more seating. A couple of pillows for our furry friends was added as well to be closer to us while we wine and dine and was a big hit.

Watch this space for more improvements.

Lots of changes in the last week

Our site is now
HTTPS:// !!

You can now enter all your confidential info without fear. This is silly actually as our site was perfectly safe before but some people will always find fault…

We have a new look and feel to our site with funnies, more info and new functionality. You will only know what if you come look…

Bookings are rolling in for the festive season and November to March is looking good. Book early if you want to come visit.

To keep up to date with what we are doing here, sign up to our Newsletter and we will tell all….

Website security and safety


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However, if you suspect something is not in order, please let us know before you run to the hills shouting “Daemon Warnings” to the masses.

Amendment to our pet rules.

 Your pets are welcome!
So that everyone on our Aire can enjoy their holidays as much as possible our basic rule is that dogs are not left unattended if you leave the Aire as they may get nervous and become a nuisance. This however is our guideline and we invite you to discuss your pets with us and come to an agreement about your stay.  Please do not be dissuaded from staying with us based on this without contacting us first. We have to consider our other guests, so while your pets are welcome in the camping area, they will not be allowed inside the communal area buildings as they are pet free locations but these restrictions don’t apply to guide dogs.


#vilamourarustic Our doorbell!

I have been navigating the world of twitters and tweets and putting out bird food gave me nothing! I thought at least Trump would drop in for a meal. This will be our quick access to a message-board so lets see if it works. Don’t for get it now!; #vilamourarustic