About Us



Welcome to our Home!

We believe a house is what you live in … but HOME IS WHERE YOU PARK IT.

The more time we spent traveling the great outdoors, the broader our horizons became and the bigger our life experience became, by the places we travelled to and the people we met along the way.

And thats how and why we wanted to build our very own Motorhome Aire. So fellow Motorhomers could come and enjoy our beautiful surroundings, and we could enjoy greeting them and hearing their stories from around the World.

We welcome you to our Home, so that you too can experience a warm Welcome in the best tradition we know how to = Sth African, Australian and Portuguese Style!



I am the most important member of this House-Hold! As I am the “Head of Security and Risk Assessment”.

Nothing happens around here without me sniffing or eating it!

I have a black belt in licking and sniffing but, I can be bought with a pat or two….. or three……


 Tiger and Leopard

We are the Kings and Ultimate Rulers of this household! 

Don’t tell the dog as we don’t want to burst his bubble.

We are the Head and Second in Command of “Pest Control & Vermin Extinction” , but we much prefer being responsible for our Sleeping and Eating routine.

Lastly, we are part of the ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ group. We watch, and we watch …….. and take lots of Notes …..

aka we don’t do anything about what we see…

We’re Cats after all!

However we welcome you and yours to our Home and ask you nicely to keep your Dogs on their Leads as you may need to remind them that .. This is our Home and we’re in Control Here LOL 

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